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Weekly Updates

Following your kickoff meeting, you will update your mentor once a week with an email containing a video.

1. Draft Your Weekly Update Script

Draft a video script of your update for your Mentor-Guide. You can use the Week 1 video update script template of another template for updates. At a minimum, your video update must include:

  • Goals accomplished OR a big lesson learned from the past week; AND

  • Question for your Mentor-Guide (to discuss in your final conversation); AND

  • Goals for next week.

2. Record Your Weekly Update Video 


The goal is to act as if you're speaking to your Mentor Guide face-to-face, so the less you look at your script, the better.

  1. Consider these best practices and record in a well-lit space to ensure high-quality audio and video.

  2. Save your video to Google Drive and set it to viewable by anyone (important!).

3. Draft Your Weekly Update Email  

Write an email to your Mentor-Guide with a link to your update video. You can use this weekly update email template.  

4. Send


Repeat steps 1-4 for each week of your mentorship. 

After sending your fourth update, proceed to Wrap Up Instructions

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