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Wrap Up Instructions

Following your fourth weekly update, it's time to schedule your wrap up meeting.

1. Request and Schedule a Closing Discussion

Wrap-up your Mentor-Guideship with a 20-minute conversation. You can use the request a wrap-up email template to invite your Mentor-Guide and schedule the meeting.

2. Prepare for the Closing Discussion


The goals of this conversation are to:

  • Discuss the questions you posed to our Mentor-Guide in your weekly updates; AND

  • Pose any other reflection questions you want to ask; AND 

  • Warmly thank them in person for support and guidance; AND

  • Ask them for feedback about their experience as your Mentor Guide by posing the question:
    "On a scale from 1-10, how likely would you be to recommend to another Mentor Guide like yourself that they should devote their time to help guide me on my journey?"


3. Record What You Learned

Immediately after the conversation (not during!), record a full brain dump of everything you discussed including their reflections and advice. This will be valuable down the road for reference, and also when writing your thank you note.

4. Send a Thank You Note

Don't forget to send a quick thank-you note, preferably handwritten, to your Mentor-Guide (and anyone who may have helped you reach them initially). You can use this thank you note template.

5. Write Down Lessons Learned (Reflection Questions)

Take the time to reflect and write down what you've learned during this mentorship experience.  At a minimum, write down your responses to each of the following:

  • What were the three most important lessons you learned?

  • What surprised you the most?

  • How did what you learned change the way you think about your next great adventure?

  • What are your biggest remaining unanswered questions?

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