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Camping in Mountains


A GPS for Life


The Journey Ahead

Over 6 weeks you will explore your calling, assess your relationships, encounter money, tell your story, then wrap them together in a plan for your future.

Challenges take 45 minutes to complete and there are 5 per week.

You can expect to spend 4-6 hours total on weekly work.

Week 6: Beginning With The End in Mind

  • Contemplate the end, then drive your stake in the ground, committing to your next course of action.

Week 4: The Dip

  • Calculate how much money you'll need in life to be happy, learn the art of haggling, and encounter your monsters.

Week 5: Rounding The Home Stretch

  • Learn the differences between happiness, success, and satisfaction, map your relationships, and practice gratitude. 

Week 3: Telling Your Story

  • Tell your story, examine your relationships with time and mastery, and see if you have what it takes to deliver on a promise.

Week 1: Wake Up & Find Your Calling

  • Orient yourself in life, explore your gifts, examine flow, and find your driving spark.

Week 2: Relationships Will Be Key

  • Learn more about your personality and heroes, speak to someone you look up to, and find your running partner.

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