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Five Mentorship Steps

Enlisting the help of experienced mentors is a skill that every Adventurer needs. To master it, you must practice. Your training starts now.

To start your Next Great Adventure Mentor Guide relationship requires five steps:

  1. Research Your Mentor Guide

  2. Create Your Outreach Communication

  3. Get a Greenlight

  4. Secure the “Yes”

  5. Prepare and Execute Kickoff Meeting

1. Research Your Mentor Guide

Find out as much as you can about your Mentor Guide. Research on the internet, ask peers or colleagues what they know, and read anything they've written. Look for:

  • Similarities: Does your story overlap with theirs? Could any similarities help you learn from and create connections with your Mentor Guide?

  • Differences/Surprises: What surprises you about them or their life? What differences in experience, perspective, values, or passions are you curious to know more about? (You'll probably learn much more from differences than from similarities.)

  • Questions: What do you want to know more about? What could you ask them that only they could answer?​

2. Create Your Mentor Guide Initial Outreach Communication

Your initial outreach email must include: 

3. Get a Greenlight

4. Secure a "Yes" and Schedule Kickoff

  • Send your initial outreach email with a link to your video and Covenant to your Mentor Guide

  • Continue the conversation until you receive a "Yes" 

  • Send an email using this template to schedule your kickoff meeting.

5. Prepare and Execute Kickoff Meeting

The goal is to kickoff your Mentor Guideship with a 20-minute conversation. This conversation should focus on specific questions, not general life questions. The goals are:


  • Establish your interest in their experience and guidance

  • Build a connection with this person by sharing more of your story (but remember, you are NOT the focus of this conversation)

  • Address any questions regarding the Mentor Guide Covenant

  • Secure a signed copy of the Mentor Guide Covenant

Brainstorm questions you'd like to ask your Mentor Guide. What are your similarities, differences, or questions you have about their life and experiences? What are the reasons why you are most excited for them to be your Mentor Guide?  Here is a list of sample interview questions.

When you are finished, proceed to Weekly Updates


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