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Next Great Adventure Mentorship

Our next generation of rising leaders needs you.  Today.

Likely, in a moment, a coach, teacher or a hero made all the difference. One comment changed how you saw the world, and yourself. 


You’ve climbed mountains, and slain dragons. Now you have the chance to pay-it-forward by doing something similar for a rising leader. 


One hour total, spread over six weeks.  

That’s all it will take to change a life. And maybe, the world. 

You’re already being asked to mentor. Simply identify someone you believe has what it takes - someone like you determined to change the world.  We’ll provide the path for them to follow. 

You might consider it a “thank you” to that special person who believed in you, or simply the opportunity to make a difference in this phase of life.

Will you give one hour?

Please let me know how I can “pay-it-forward.

Thanks for submitting!

Dark Wood


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