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Will You Answer the Call?

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Someone has seen what you have suspected.

You deeply want to make a difference in the world, to build something special, and to succeed. And you have what it takes to do so.


You may have wondered, “Am I driving in the wrong direction?” Or feared wasting your life -  waking up at 60 having missed your calling. There is something remarkable for you to do. You’re just not sure what it is. 

Life expects something of you. And someone has invited you to find out what it is.

Which brings you to your Next Great Adventure.

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders have developed this program and it’s been used by hundreds of rising leaders to find their calling for two decades.


You’ll spend 5-7 hours each week taking on challenges about who you really are, and discovering where your desires meet the world’s needs. You’ll tackle the tough questions that lead you to your unique path, the one only you can walk. The one the world needs you to walk.

No one can do this for you. But someone has offered to stand beside you, to be your Mentor-Guide.

Red Mountain

Are you ready to begin?

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